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Do you have a group with a shared purpose – a housing society, a welfare organization, or a social club? In Delhi, registering your society as a legal entity offers numerous benefits, including transparency, accountability, and smoother property management. Here at NGO Worlds, we can simplify the process and ensure your society registration in Delhi is completed efficiently.

What is a Society?

A society is a group of individuals formed for a specific purpose, such as managing a housing complex, promoting a social cause, or engaging in cultural activities. The Societies Registration Act, 1860, governs the formation and registration of societies in India.

Who Can Register a Society in Delhi?

A minimum of seven members are required to register a society in Delhi.

At least one member must be a resident of Delhi with valid address proof (electricity bill, water bill etc.).

Society Registration Process in Delhi

The registration process for a society in Delhi typically involves:

Obtaining Forms: Download the application form from the Registrar of Firms & Societies ([department responsible for society registration in delhi]).

Preparing Documents: Gather the necessary documents like the Memorandum of Association (MOA), Bye-laws, affidavits, and identity proofs of members.

Submitting Application: Submit the completed application form and all required documents to the Registrar of Firms & Societies.

Required Documents for Society Registration in Delhi

Application Form: Filled and signed by all founding members.

Memorandum of Association (MOA): A document outlining the society's objectives, name, and registered office address.

Bye-laws: Rules and regulations governing the society's internal functioning.

Affidavits: From the president and secretary of the society, verifying the information provided.

Identity Proofs: Passport copies, Aadhar cards, or Voter IDs of all founding members.

Address Proof: Electricity bill, water bill, or property tax receipt for the society's registered office (if applicable).

Fees and Timeframe for Society Registration in Delhi

The registration fees for a society in Delhi vary depending on the number of members. Processing times can typically range from one to two months

How Can NGO Worlds Help?

At NGO Worlds, we understand the complexities involved in society registration. Our team of experts can assist you with every step, including:

Formalities and Documentation: We can guide you through the application process, ensuring all documents are prepared accurately and meet legal requirements.

Liaison with Authorities: We can handle communication with the Registrar's office on your behalf, expediting the registration process.

Expert Advice: Our team can provide valuable insights and address any questions you may have throughout the registration journey.

Simplify your society registration in Delhi and focus on your group’s purpose. Contact NGO Worlds today for a free consultation!


Registering an NGO in India provides numerous advantages, including tax exemptions, legal recognition, access to funding, and enhanced credibility. By understanding the different types of NGO registration, the required documents, and the step-by-step registration process, organizations can navigate the registration procedure smoothly and establish themselves as legitimate entities.



Whether you choose to register as a Trust, Society, or Section 8 Company, it is essential to comply with the relevant laws and regulations to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of your organization. By obtaining the necessary certifications and adhering to ongoing compliance requirements, NGOs can continue their valuable work in driving social change and improving the lives of individuals and communities.


If you are considering starting an NGO in India, consult with legal experts to understand the specific requirements and obligations associated with your chosen registration type. With the right guidance and support, you can establish a legally sound and impactful organization that contributes positively to society.

FAQs on Society Registration in Delhi

Registering your society offers numerous advantages, including:

✔ Legal recognition and existence
✔ Smooth management of property and finances
✔ Increased transparency and accountability
✔ Eligibility for government grants and benefits (in some cases)

✔ Minimum of seven members
✔ At least one member residing in Delhi with address proof

Currently, online registration for societies in Delhi is not available. The process requires submitting physical documents to the Registrar’s office.

The MOA is a vital document that outlines the society’s core objectives, name, and registered office address.

Bye-laws are internal rules and regulations governing the society’s functioning, including membership, meetings, elections, and financial management.

Once registered, your society becomes a legal entity and can operate within the framework of its MOA and Bye-laws. Remember to maintain proper records of meetings, finances, and membership for future reference.

Ready to Streamline Your Society Registration in Delhi?

Society registration can seem like a daunting task, but with NGO Worlds by your side, the process becomes efficient and stress-free. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how our expert team can assist you in establishing your society in Delhi.


Let NGO Worlds be your trusted partner in navigating the legalities of society registration. Together, we can turn your vision into a well-defined and legally recognized organization!

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Get your Society registered hassle-free with our online Society registration services in Delhi.

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