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In accordance with local laws and regulations in most countries, all registered Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are mandated to establish a robust financial system for recording and reporting their financial transactions. This system serves the dual purpose of implementing projects effectively and ensuring the organization’s smooth operation. As finances constitute a vital component of organizational management, maintaining a comprehensive ‘Financial Statement’ is imperative. Such diligence not only aligns with legal requirements but also enhances the credibility of NGOs, making them more appealing to donor agencies for immediate funding support.

Advantages of Effective Financial Management for NGOs

Reducing Fraud: Implementing a systematic accounting process with proper internal controls helps in minimizing fraudulent activities within an organization.

Securing the Future: The current financial condition of an organization determines its future sustainability. NGOs should adopt a sustainable approach to finance, ensuring prudent spending in the present while planning for the future.

Making Productive Decisions: Sound financial management empowers NGOs to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, fundraising, fund mobilization, and other crucial activities. Making the right financial decisions ensures that funds are invested in the right places.

Enhancing Credibility: Proficient finance management enhances the image and credibility of NGOs. Well-defined financial plans and transparent reporting contribute to a positive public perception.

Strengthening Fundraising Efforts: Many NGOs heavily rely on funds. Organized financial resources strengthen fundraising efforts by providing a clear overview of available finances and the amount needed for future projects.

CSR Funding: Maintaining proper accounts can make NGOs eligible for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding, opening up additional financial support avenues.

Books and Documents to be Maintained for NGO Accounts Management

To ensure effective financial management, NGOs should maintain various books and documents, including but not limited to:

  1. Cash Payment/Receipt Vouchers & Books
  2. Bank Payment/Receipt Vouchers & Books
  3. Summary/Daily Petty Cash Book
  4. Journal Vouchers and Journal
  5. General Ledger
  6. Fixed Assets Register
  7. Contract/Registration Documents
  8. Attendance Register
  9. Budget Copies of Various Grants
  10. Utilization Certificates
  11. FCRA and Other Relevant Registration Papers
  12. Copies of Consultancy Agreements
  13. Capital Assets Approvals
  14. File of Original Bills for Assets Purchased
  15. Copies of All Contracts and Agreements
  16. Stationery Register
  17. File Containing Bank Mandate and Authorized Signatories
  18. Quotation File for All Purchases
  19. Advance Payment Register (Advance to Third Parties & Staff Advances)
  20. Check Issue Register
  21. Cancelled Check Register
  22. Donation Receipt Issue Register

Receipts and Payment Account

This serves as a summary of the cash and bank transactions, starting and ending with the cash and bank balances. It differs from the income and expenditure statement as it includes details of loans, asset sales, staff advance recoveries, and more. NGOs typically prepare a receipts and payments account at the end of each quarter.

Preparation of Final Accounts

Final accounts for NGOs usually consist of a balance sheet, an income and expenditure account, and a receipts and payments account drawn up at the end of the fiscal year.

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Documents Required for Accounting

Key documents needed for effective accounting in NGOs include:

  1. Bank Statements
  2. Bills and Vouchers
  3. Receipts Book
  4. Donor Details
  5. Beneficiary Details

Efficient financial management not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also contributes to the overall sustainability and success of NGOs, enabling them to make a more significant impact on the communities they serve.

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