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Overview of Closing Your Public Limited Company

In the business landscape, closures are inevitable, and the process of closing a Public Limited Company requires careful consideration and adherence to legal procedures. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of dissolving your Public Limited Company, outlining the benefits, eligibility criteria, requirements, and how NGO Worlds can assist you in navigating this complex process.

Dissolution of a Public Limited Company

Closing a Public Limited Company involves legally dissolving its existence. This decision may arise due to various reasons, such as market challenges, strategic shifts, or regulatory requirements. Dissolution marks the end of the company’s operations, and it must follow a systematic process defined by regulatory authorities.

Benefits of Public Company Closure

Financial Resolution: Closing a company can help resolve financial challenges, allowing for the equitable distribution of assets among stakeholders.

Legal Compliance: Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding potential legal complications in the future.

Focus on New Ventures: Provides an opportunity for stakeholders to redirect efforts and investments towards new business opportunities.

Release of Obligations: Releases the company and its stakeholders from ongoing obligations, enabling a fresh start.

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Eligibility Criteria for Closing Public Limited Company

The eligibility criteria for closing a Public Limited Company involve several key considerations. To initiate the closure process, the company must typically meet the following requirements:

Financial Solvency: The company should be financially solvent, with the ability to settle all outstanding liabilities, including debts, taxes, and other financial obligations.

Shareholder Approval Obtaining approval from the majority of shareholders through a special resolution is a prerequisite for initiating the closure process.

Board Resolution: The board of directors must pass a resolution approving the closure and appointing authorized signatories to complete the necessary formalities.

Regulatory Compliance: The company must be in compliance with all regulatory obligations, ensuring that there are no ongoing investigations, litigations, or regulatory non-compliance issues.

Clearance of Dues: Clearances from creditors, including lenders, suppliers, and service providers, must be obtained to confirm the settlement of all outstanding dues.

Statutory Filings: The company should have filed all required statutory documents and financial statements up to the date of closure application.

Documents Required for Filing an Application for Closing Public Limited Company

Board Resolution: A resolution passed by the board of directors approving the closure and appointing authorized signatories.

Financial Statements: Audited financial statements showcasing the company's financial position.

Clearance Certificates: Certificates confirming the clearance of taxes and other statutory dues.

Shareholder Approval: Evidence of shareholder approval for the closure through a special resolution.

ROC Forms: Completed application forms prescribed by the Registrar of Companies.

How will NGO Worlds help you in Public Limited Company Closure?

NGO Worlds specializes in facilitating the closure process for Public Limited Companies. Our expert team provides comprehensive assistance, from eligibility assessment to document preparation and submission. We ensure a seamless closure process, keeping you informed at every step.


The timeline varies, but it typically takes a few months, depending on regulatory approvals and document processing.

Outstanding debts must be settled before initiating the closure process. Clearances from creditors are essential.

NGO Worlds acts as a facilitator, guiding companies through the closure process, ensuring compliance, and streamlining documentation.

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