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About Private Limited Company

A private limited company is one of the ways to start your business in India. It is considered as best form of business which also secure your personal assets. It is most recommended form for startup in India to raise funding, ESOPs etc. Pvt Ltd Company Registration Online is possible through official MCA Govt Website but the problem i.e you can’t do it your self the pvt ltd company registration. Because its required the additional digital signature Attestation from a Practicing Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Lawyer etc. So It’s mean you have to hire a Good CA to get done your Private Limited Company Registration in India anywhere.




Private limited company is popular and well known business structure. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with Private Limited Company instead of proprietorship or normal partnerships.



A Private Limited Company is the most preferred entity type for Investors. Registering a private limited company will give you an opportunity to raise funds via bank loans, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, etc.


Owners Limited Liability

The company’s obligation or debts of does not create a charge over the owner’s personal assets. Their liability stays limited only to the capital subscribed and unpaid by them.


Globalize Your Business

Company is the only types of entity that allow for Foriegn Direct Investment (FDI) upto by both route, means any foriegn entity or person can invest in a company without prior government approval.


Easy Exit Plan

An exit plan is essential for every entrepreneur to get for all their hard work. Limited company offer best type of exit strategy for all promoters. Only shares can be sold or transferred in part or whole to another entity easily without any hassles,


Separate Legal Existence

Once the Company registration in India is done, a legal entity is born in eyes of law. This separates itself from its owners and managers. The company can operate on its own name simply by opening a bank account to own assets and enter into contract

Content Of Moa of Pvt. Ltd.

The Memorandum and Rules and Regulation is the primary and the most essential document of the Private Limited Company which states the reason for forming a Company, its functions, to its working, and until its closure. Following are the important clauses in the MOA:

Memorandum of Association clause contains:

  • Name clause.
  • Registered office clause.
  • Objectives clause.
  • Liability Clause.
  • Capital Clause.
  • Association Clause.
  • Subscription Clause.

Documents Required for Registration

Documents required for Private Ltd. Company Registration

  • Copy of PAN Card of all Directors
  • Aadhar Card of all Directors
  • Address Proof (Latest Bank Statement, Mobile bill, Telephone bill) of all Directors
  • Passport Size Photo of all Directors
  • Ownership Proof (Electricity bill, Gas Bill etc) of the registered office
  • NOC of the registered office address.
  • Contact details of all Directors.
  • Email-id of all Directors.



Step-1 : Choose an Appropriate Name for the Company

It is not possible to register a name that is too similar to an existing company name or trademark. When it comes to name of company, a degree of freedom is given by the companies’ act 2013, however, there are certain rules and restrictions that are


Step-2 : Applying for DSC

The directors to get a Class 2 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) to sign electronic documents after which DIN (Director Identification Number) can be applied for.


Step-3 : Execution of company registration documents

After the company name approval, the company incorporation documents such as memorandum of association (e-MOA) and articles of association (e-AOA) have to be executed by the promoters in the prescribed format along with documents i.e. consent to act


Step-4 : Company incorporation E-form submission

For successful completion of process, it is required to submit the e-forms with the MCA on the website for the purpose of approval.


Step-5 : Get Certificate of Incorporation

On the approval of E-Form (SPICe INC-32), the Certificate of Incorporation is provided via E-mail.