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About Annual Report

About Annual Report

An annual report can be an in-depth and comprehensive report on the activities carried out by the NGO during the previous year. It basically outlines the accomplishments made by the organization but its relevance is not complete unless that audited annual accounts are published in it. Most agencies prefer to read through the annual report to understand the assets, expenditures and grants received by the organization during the previous year. It is essential that the organization also provide summarized financial statements for the year (Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Statement and Receipts & Payments Account). It is advised to present a summary even if the organization is attaching the entire audited accounts. The organization should also provide its key registration details, contact details, as well as information about is bankers and auditors.


Attract Donors

An annual report is an important element of a financial communication strategy to attract and retain Donors.

CSR Funding

Easy to take CSR Funding.

Content of Annual Report

An annual report has to be published every year and it can comprise of the following information:

  1. Introductory message by the President or any other leading authority of the organization.
  2. A list of governing body members with their photographs and/or their background information.
  3. Governance Structure and Organizational Chart.
  4. Details of activities and projects carried out by the NGO during the previous year.
  5. A brief detailing about the achievements made during the previous year, including some case studies and success stories with some interesting photographs.
  6. Finally, without fail, a copy of the annual accounts, preferably audited.

In many cases, NGOs tend to develop bulky annual reports running up to several number of pages. However, in recent times, this has not been found to be a good idea. Concise annual reports are a great trend, where all the above details listed are presented graphically and briefly. It could run up to four to six pages maximum giving a gist of the work undertaken during the previous year, including the financial information presented in graphs or tabular format for a quick understanding. It could be printed as a large-size brochure.


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We at NGO WORLDS Working an extensive Network and connections in the corporate world

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